This is all about goodroipow.  You ask what is goodroipow?  Well it could be good or bad, maybe roi or ior, heck it could even be about pow or wop.  Uh forget that.  Wop doesn’t sound very good.  I mean pow sounds like cool, like it could be in the comic books.  But wop?  That sounds like I dropped something in the kitchen and it made a big wop of a mess.


So remember the next time you are looking to confuse someone just make mention of this goodroipow test (pronounced Gooooood    R   O   I      Powwww).  If they say they are familiar with the goodroipow test, call their bluff and ask what score they got.  If they say they got a high or low score or anything other than there is no score because goodroipow is a made up word testing the algorithm factors you know they are liars.


Boy are my fingers getting tired I hope this is long enough because I am too busy with other things to come back and rerun this test.